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Digital Warehouse:
Make Your Logistics
More Efficient

Learn how to design efficient, automated warehouse

processes and reduce costs with state-of-the-art

Industry 4.0 solutions. 

On Demand - Online
24/7 - 365
About The Webinar

With the evolving digitalization, groundbreaking technology can be used in more and more industries. In this joint webinar, experts from WObit, ProGlove and PGS Software will show you how digital innovations can become an enabler for your Industry 4.0 warehouse.

Thanks to combining capable hardware and software, we were able to craft a custom prototype of a smart AGV – that has the potential of transforming the work of warehouse employees – in… just 6 weeks!

Our solution was empowered by 3 innovative solutions:

  • the “Follow Me” system for AGVs
  • wearable and wireless barcode scanners
  • a real-time data monitoring application.

Get access to our webinar to see how you can equip your logistics with similar technology!

During the webinar, you’ll see:

  • how to transform your facility with automated systems and boosted productivity
  • how to combine state-of-the-art Industry 4.0 solutions to design more efficient processes and reduce costs
  • how to combine state-of-the-art Industry 4.0 solutions to design more efficient processes and reduce costs
  • real-life use cases reaching beyond industrial frames.


Date & Time
On Demand - anytime
Online access after registration




2 mins

Industry 4.0 case studies:

  • WObit: AGVs in logistics
  • ProGlove: Wearable and wireless barcode scanners
  • PGS Software: hardware and technology integration
  • Digital Warehouse: End-to-end solution for Intralogistics
12 mins

Technology of the Future:

  • How can you implement this solution in other industries?
  • How can this solution be developed in the near future?
10 mins

what benefits can this end-to-end solution bring?

6 mins

Q&A Session

20 mins
Our speakers
Przemysław Degórski, Development Director, WObit
Przemysław Degórski
Development Director

Przemysław has over 15 years of experience in implementing new projects and developing sales and production processes at WObit. Author of many articles in professional journals on measuring technology and robotization. The originator of many mechatronic solutions operating in the industry. At WObit, he is responsible for determining the strategy and direction of the company's development.
He shares his knowledge and experience with entrepreneurs during many conferences and seminars. He also leads lecture management and technology-related courses and workshops for university and vocational school students.

Adam Mortka, Frontend Leader & Innovation Lab Expert, PGS Software
Adam Mortka
Frontend Leader & Innovation Lab Expert
PGS Software
PGS Software

With over 6 years of Frontend development experience and 8+ years of experience in general IT, Adam holds Frontend Leader position in PGS Software and he is responsible for leading and starting projects. In 2020 he joined Innovation Lab as a Data Visualization Expert. He is a multidisciplinary software engineer who loves to work on the early stage of projects and concepts to help validate client's business ideas. Big fan of data visualizations and startups. 

Katrin Krawiarsch, Business Development Manager CEE, ProGlove
Katrin Krawiarsch
Business Development Manager CEE

Katrin is responsible for the Polish and the Czech Market at ProGlove for multiple years. Her aim is to make all kind of logistics processes efficient by offering a simple but innovate solution. Builing up ProGlove as a Start-Up on the Polish Market from Day 1 is only possible by being openminded and customer obsessed.

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PGS Software is one of the largest public listed custom software&services providers in Poland

Working accordingly to agile methodologies, we develop seamlessly crafted digital solutions for international clients, providing services at all delivery levels: Business Analysis, Visual Design, UX, UI, & QA. We have development & business entities in Poland, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and USA.