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Technical Due Diligence

We help you to buy, build, and consume world-class software to protect investment and achieve growth. Our network of due diligence experts has experience with a broad range of private equity and venture capitalist clients including Providence Equity, Waterland PE, Third Bridge and Five Elms Capital amongst others.

What We Do

We consult to efficiently provide a 360-degree assessment of an organisations people, processes, and technology. We deliver analysis and recommendations to ensure your investment is protected and targets are achievable.


Our experts will carefully condense their findings to best equip your analysts to make informed and accurate investment decisions. In addition, PGS consult with organisations to deliver required transformation results.

Technical Due Diligence
PGS Software technical due diligence analysis include:


  • Identifying legacy concerns and risk
  • Software scalability objectives
  • Team capability and productivity
  • Integration concerns and opportunities
  • Exposure to Open source and licenses
What Is The Outcome?

The strategic and operational challenges faced by software businesses today are intensified by rapid technological advances, sharp competition, and global economics.

PGS bring expertise to solve strategic and operational challenges. These can involve architecture, process and tools, or organization.

Relevant transformation projects PGS Software have consulted and delivered for clients:

  • Identifying legacy concerns and risk
  • Understand & Improve Your Cloud Infrastructure
  • Learn How To Upgrade Your Architecture
  • Align The Cloud With Your Business Goals


„We partner with investors looking to make informed and confident decisions. By carefully shaping teams of senior consultants we provide an expert lens into technology enabled businesses delivering accurate insight and trusted recommendations.“

Andrew Dalby
Partnerships at PGS Software


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Technical Due Diligence

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