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ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Technology is the answer – so what is your business challenge?

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About This Webinar

Business agility isn’t an El Dorado. It requires a holistic approach to solving business issues with technology. Find out how this has worked for three companies in the past and how you can make it work for you!


Being agile in business is easier said than done. But for most blockers on the path to business agility, the answers lie in approaching it through technology. How this approach can help you act here and now, without having to think up a new strategy from scratch, is what we want to show you in our webinar.

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You'll learn about
Real-life scenarios where the business issue can be translated to the language of technology and solved
How to identify a broken transformation and fix it
Verifying ideas with state-of-the-art technology trends, enabling true business agility
Our speakers
Jerzy Dörfler PGS Software
Jerzy Dörfler
Solutions Architect
PGS Software
PGS Software

With over 14 years of IT experience Jerzy is an experienced architect, leader and manager with background in areas of healthcare, telco, transportation, travel and retail. He worked with international corporations and high-tech genetic product companies, helping build solutions capable of meeting the most demanding performance requirements, as well as enabling the genetic research breakthroughs.


He is a solution architect specialising in dedicated solutions that move client businesses into modern Cloud computing architectures, making them ready for viral growth. He focuses on Cloud topics, regardless if those are off on-premise migrations, existing product re-architectures or Cloud native solutions built from scratch.

PGS Software is one of the largest public listed custom software&services providers in Poland

Working accordingly to agile methodologies, we develop seamlessly crafted digital solutions for international clients, providing services at all delivery levels: Business Analysis, Visual Design, UX, UI, & QA. We have development & business entities in Poland, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and USA.